Our professional masseur is available almost all day to help our guests relax and refresh.

Prices for all massages except Oriental & Deep Harmony:

  • 30 min.: 25 EUR
  • 60 min.: 40 EUR
  • 90 min.: 55 EUR

Prices for Oriental & Deep Harmony massages:

  • 30 min.: 30 EUR
  • 60 min.: 50 EUR
  • 90 min.: 65 EUR

If you wish to order massage in your room, you can do it by asking the hotel receptionist who will arrange your massage at your convinience.

Swedish massage

The aim of the Swedish massage is to help you reduce your stress, relax your mind, increase overall feeling of well-being and boost your energy. Swedish massage relaxes the muscles, releases muscle tension and provides a refreshing feeling.

Refreshing back and head massage

An intense massage focusing on the back, shoulders and neck. The treatment concludes with a soothing acupressure head massage that eases stress, revives fatigued muscles and rejuvenates the body. Ideal after exercising or travelling.

Aromatic relaxing massage

This massage relaxes the body, stimulates the nervous system and improves circulation. Long, smooth strokes and soothing techniques are used in this full-body treatment, and aromatherapy oils can be applied using light or medium pressure, depending on your preference.

Refreshing foot massage

This massage stimulates energy pathways through reflexes on the feet, promoting relaxation and a sense of well-being. This deeply relaxing, pressure point massage incorporates ancient oriental techniques and is based upon the premise that each organ in the body corresponds to a specific point on the foot. The foot massage takes max. 30 minutes.

Body scrub massage and peeling

The main purpose of this massage form is to revitalize the skin and to make it smooth and silky. By removing the dead skin cells, the skin can absorbe more oxygen. Even the efficiency of the pampering and relaxing massage can be increased by this method. The massage is done with a mixture that contains special exfoliating substances.

If you prefer stronger massage types that use oriental elements, you can choose from the following options:

Oriental Massage

Combination of Yumeiho (from Japan), Shiatsu (from Japan), and Thai techniques without oil. The treatment is done on the body's meridians (energy lines) and acupressure points using firm pressure. Life energy (Chi) is being activated, ensuring the healing of the body.
The massage is done on a mattrasse on the floor and contains streching elements.

Deep harmony massage

A combinaton of Yumeiho, Shiatsu, Thai and Swedish massage styles.
The aim of the massage is to treat joint problems and to relaxmuscles, as well as initating the flow of positive energy and enhance the body's self healing. This therapy relaxes muscles, eases and soothes your achesand pains.The massage alleviates physical and spiritual stress. It restores the balance to your body and mind, leaving you feeling refreshed and helping you maintain a life of wellness and good health. The massage reliefs particularly back, neck and lower back pain. The massage is done with oil and without oil on a mattrasse on the floor. It also contains streching elements.